Rhiannon Traill, President, CEO & Owner,
The Economic Club of Canada

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than Rhiannon Traill. As a student at Ryerson University Rhiannon drew the attention of a founding board member of the Economic Club of Toronto, a prestigious hub for the who’s who of Toronto business people.  


She was invited to meet the Club’s president to talk about an entry level job. After six months on the job, Rhiannon worked up the courage to approach the club’s CEO about some ideas she had been working on to modernize the organization.

The re-brand from the Economic Club of Toronto to the Economic Club of Canada had been one of Rhiannon’s key ideas. When the CEO left the company to run for public office Rhiannon, at the age of 28, was the next in line to take charge of the club.


On this episode of Run It Like a Girl, hear Rhiannon’s incredible journey from her first business venture as a 10-year-old dog waker, to becoming one of the most influential figures in Canadian business.

Episode release date: Monday, September 12, 2018