Run it like a girl with Kristina Schwartz

Run it like a girl with Kristina Schwartz

Season 2, Episode 4: Kristina Schwartz, Little Lambs Home Daycare
Release date: Monday, October 21
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For the past five years my family and I have been spending a lot of time during the fall and winter at the arena where our boys play hockey. I never dreamed of being a hockey mom when I thought about motherhood, but through the sport we have become part of a wonderful community. 
It was at the arena that I met our most recent guest, Kristina Schwartz. Over copious amounts of coffee and early morning practices we got to know each other. The more I learned about Kristina the more I realized that I had to have her on our show. 

I absolutely love Kristina’s story, and how she had a goal and went for it. It’s inspiring to watch someone grow their business and have such success. 

The Fast Three with Kristina

What is your favourite podcast/source of information?Oh, I have two. So I’m going to break the rules already. So my favorite business podcast is Building a StoryBrand. He’s got a book as well, but the podcast, it’s like getting a MBA through a podcast. He has amazing guests on and it’s all kinds of entrepreneur and business related information.  And he talks a lot about the millennial workforce. The second one would be Hygge in the Early Years. Hygge isn’t a childcare term that we really use in North America yet. We like our Reggio and our Montessori and our emergent curriculum. 

What are you reading:I’m actually reading the Tattooist by Heather Morris. It’s from the perspective of the tattooist in Auschwitz. A lot of people don’t know that the artist and in the concentration camp that would actually put the number on the Jewish prisoners was actually a Jewish prisoner himself. So he was putting those numbers on his people. It’s kind of his story and I really like world war II kind of delving into that stuff.

Who inspires you?That’s a hard one. Dr. Jean Clinton is a professor in the early years. So she talks all over the world. Her view of the emerging curriculum, child brain development, anything to do with that. I love, her I soak up every bit of it. She’s just an incredible spirit.

Theme 1: Going all in

Key nugget: Don’t be afraid to go all in. As Kristina said if you wake up thinking about it, and you go to bed thinking about it, maybe you need to do it. But go all in. It can’t be something you do on the side if you want to achieve your goals.

Things to think about: Is there something that you have been thinking about doing? What has been stopping you? What would happen if you went all in?

Theme 2: Mentorship takes many forms

Key nugget: Mentorship doesn’t have to be a one-one relationship. Mentorship can take many forms, whether it’s through a podcast, a relationship with a formal mentor, or a person in your life who you seek guidance from.

Things to think about: Regardless of its form mentorship is critical to success. Think about where you are getting your inspiration from, and make sure that you are seeking out mentorship, in whichever way works for you. 

Theme 3: Live in the moment

Key nugget: Quite often we are so focused on who we want to be that we forget to focus on who we are.  Try to live in the moment, instead of for tomorrow. 


Things to think about: Don’t let today slip by because you’re thinking about tomorrow. Try taking the time to be truly present in the moment. 

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