Run it Like a Girl with Dr. Sarah Kaplan

Run it Like a Girl with Dr. Sarah Kaplan

Sarah Kaplan
Season 2: Episode 2
Release date: Monday, September 23
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The Institute for Gender and the Economy


The Fast Three with Sarah

What is your favourite podcast/source of information? Code Switch

What are you reading: Invisible Women: Data bias in a world designed by men By: Caroline Criado Perez

Who inspires you? Toni Morrison, Author

My Key takeaways:

During my conversation with Sarah my eyes were really opened to the massive structural changes that organizations need to undertake if there is ever hope of realizing gender equality. Here are a couple issues that Sarah identified, as well as solutions, and my thoughts. Take a read and let me know what you think!

Issue: If organizations really want to move the dial on gender equality they have to start making structural changes to how they run. For example: Women don’t always put up their hands for opportunity. Research shows this isn’t necessarily because they aren’t confident in their abilities, but because they don’t see people in leadership roles that look like them, and don’t want the disappointment of being passed over.

Potential Fix: What if instead of people opting in for job promotions or special projects, everyone was put into the candidacy pool and you had to opt out to not be considered?

What I think:  I love this idea because it takes away the fear of disappointment, and putting your hand up only to be rejected. Everyone is up for promotion, so I think I would absolutely go through the process and see what happens. Let us know in comments what you think about this.

Issue: The majority of times it still rests on women to have a larger role in childcare and family home life, yet the corporate world still runs on a schedule that doesn’t work for a large percentage of people.

Potential fix: Financial institutions in London, England have been concerned with the lack of women rising to key roles and have contemplated changing the hours that stocks can be traded to make it more conducive to having family obligations.

What I think: This is exactly the kind of structural change that will impact society, and progress gender equality. We need to stop thinking that how things are currently done is the right , or only way. It’s innovative, out of the box ideas that are going to advance gender equality.

What do you think?