Run it like a girl with Virginia Brailey

Run it like a girl with Virginia Brailey

Headshot - Virginia Brailey

Season 2, Episode 3: Virginia Brailey, Marketing Executive
Release date: Monday, October 7
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I met Virginia a few years ago when I was struggling to figure out what was next for my career. I wasn’t feeling as connected to my work, and was itching for a change, but didn’t know how to make a move. As a mentor, Virginia was instrumental in my career, and in helping me realize that the doubting voice in my head was bullshit. Virginia broke things down for me, and we looked at three key things I wanted to work on:

1. I wanted to be a senior manager (I got promoted while she was mentoring me!).

2. Gravitas, I wanted to have more presence in a room (always a work in progress, but I do host my own podcast now).

3. Be a better coach to my team (Virginia taught me the power of active listening – which I still work on every day).

I wasn’t a huge believer in organized mentorship – where you’re paired with someone, instead of building a relationship organically – but this was one of the best experiences in my professional life, and I would encourage anyone who has the chance to explore opportunities. Mine was through The American Marketing Association Mentor Exchange program. I’m now a true believer.

So….needless to say  I’m incredibly proud to have Virginia Brailey as our guest on Run it Like a Girl.

The Fast Three with Virginia

What is your favourite podcast/source of information? The Bullet:  A news blast that delivers premium content directly to your inbox, cutting down the time it takes to get caught up on current events. They scour the web for topical headlines and compile them into a must-read and lighthearted digest to start your day.

What are you reading: So I’m always reading a ton. From a business book – The Exponential Organization by Salim Ismail. It’s the singularity university and it’s all about massive transformative purposes. Very, very cool. And the other book that I’m reading is The no Asshole Rule. And I feel like it should be mandatory reading for anyone that works in an organization. It’s a really good book.

Who inspires you?  I have so many sources of inspiration. Michelle Obama is, I took my mom to see her a couple of months ago and, it was amazing. I think she’s an incredibly inspirational individual. Plus she’s an amazing speaker and she’s so down to earth. She appeals to individuals from all different generations. She never preaches, right? Like she’s such a good speaker and she’s hilarious, she’s got the best sense of humor. My mom actually is a massive inspiration to me. She’s turning 80 soon. She gets up every morning and walks 10 K. Malala, I’ve heard her speak a couple of times. It’s unbelievable what she has been through and survived and not only survive, but she continues to give back and she’s helping to change the world and make sure that there’s a spotlight shining on young girls getting educated.I get goosebumps just thinking about it. She’s a huge inspiration.

Theme 1: Taking a risk:


Virginia is a big believer in taking calculated risks – both professionally and personally (sky diving anyone?).

Key nugget: A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Things to think about: What do you really have to lose by going for what you want?

Theme 2:
Surround yourself with amazing people

Key nugget: When you surround yourself with amazing people, amazing things happen. 

Things to think about: If you aren’t inspired by the people you work with, maybe you’re working with the wrong people?


Theme 3: Mentorship is a two-way street

Key nugget: Mentorship is imperative for career development and beneficial for both parties. You learn from each other, and hopefully, both grow from the experience.


Things to think about: If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Find someone who inspires you, motivates you and challenges you to grow.

What do you look for in a mentor/mentee relationship? Let us know in the comments!